Snowman on a Little Red Flyer

snowman treat on candy cane sleigh

We love the snowman on a little red flyer! We were planning to make some cake pop snowmen this year but then we saw these cute marshmallow snowman peeps at Joann’s. And they are so cute we pictured them sitting on a red flyer on a white cupcake. They came out so cute! Plus they were pretty easy to make. They are great for school parties or even an office gathering. If you can’t find them in store, you can get the Snowman Marshmallow Peeps here.

Assembling the snowmen.

We assembled the snowman on a little red flyer off the cupcake but it might have been easier to make them on the cupcake. Because the icing on the cupcake would have held the candy cane upright. Instead, we assembled them on wax paper using icing to hold the candy canes. But that didn’t work very well until we got the candy coated cracker that serves as the seat on. The Wilton Candy Melts Melting Pot made dipping the cracker in the melted chocolate so much easier. It kept the chocolate melted until we were done.

snowman on a little red flyer seat

Then, using icing to hold the candy cane runners, we dipped the seat. Unfortunately, the candy canes kept falling over. But once we got the seat on, it really wasn’t a problem anymore. We put the snowman on while the red chocolate was still melted. That way, the snowman would be secure once the chocolate cooled and hardened. To make sure the snowman sat upright on the seat and didn’t fall over, we cut the bottom of the snowman off.

snowman on red flyer assembly

Once they set, we gently removed the snowman on a little red flyer from the wax paper and placed it on the white cupcake. Placing all the cupcakes on the platter and starting in the front, we put a snowman on a little red flyer on each cupcake.

snowmen on red flyers

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