A Purple Butterfly Birthday Celebration

  It happens every year! Spring comes around and from the beginning of February to the end of April it seems like we have a birthday every couple of days. Between family and friends, trying to make everyone’s day unique can be challenging. But a custom table setting can definitely make a statement. And it can make dinner an extraordinary occasion. Now, I don’t mean going to the party store to get birthday plates and napkins, I’m talking about creating a setting that really speaks to the birthday honoree. One that is uniquely theirs.

One of these soon-to-be birthday girls is a purple diva. In fact she was born loving purple and has never changed. So I thought a purple and silver color scheme would be a sure hit. To give it a bit of fun, I added butterflies – lots and lots of butterflies.

purple and silver butterfly wall

Making a purple & silver place setting and wall of butterflies.

Once again Cricut and Etsy came to the rescue. We cut out varying sizes of several butterfly patterns and created a sweep of solid, sparkling, and laced butterflies for the wall. And we cut out a butterfly themed envelope that we used on the place setting.

purple butterfly envelope on a plate

The purple pintuck table topper overlay from SmartyHadAParty.com really makes this purple table setting pop. Our purple & silver place setting started with a square beaded disposable charger from Amazon.com. Next came a square plastic dinner plates, Baroque metallic plastic silverware, and silver disposable plastic Champagne glasses all from Smarty Had A Party. On top of that was the butterfly envelope to bring the color and theme to the table top.

purple & silver table setting with butterfly accents

This table really does stand out and is the perfect theme for the birthday girl. We’ll add some Chambord – a French black raspberry liqueur – to the Champagne for a Kir Royale for a signature drink. Cheers!

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