Roasted Acorn Squash Makes An Easy Side

One of the best things about late summer and fall is the appearance of all the squash. While you can often find them throughout the year, they are in abundance during the fall season. One of my family’s favorite is Roasted Acorn Squash. It is a really easy blend of a roasted acorn squash and […]

Pomegranate-Apple Pork Tenderloin

When most people think of cinnamon and nutmeg, they usually think of dessert. But at my house, we think of Pomegranate-Apple Pork Tenderloin. I found this recipe in a magazine years ago. And I wanted to make it but just kept forgetting. By the time I went to make it, I could no longer find […]

World’s Best & Easiest Ribs

Cooking doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, the term “set it and forget it” could not be more accurate than for this simple but delicious rib recipe. I use this a lot for weekend meals because its stress-free cooking at its best. So when you are trying to get chores done while shuttling kids to […]

Noni’s Cannoli Filling

Holiday traditions usually include baking Christmas cookies but for us, it also included making cannoli filling and shells with Noni. We would gather at her house and spend the day filling our previously made shells with the rich, delicious crème that is Noni’s “secret sauce”. We lost Noni several years ago but each year we get to […]

Tombstone Brownies for Halloween Treats

Great themed treats don’t have to be hard to make. Take these tombstone brownies. Made with a sugar cookie headstone and a simple brownie grave, they are easy to assemble but pack a potent bit of Halloween fun. The tombstones can be made with a refrigerated sugar cookie roll and packaged brownie mix (or use […]

Serving With Fall Flair In Pumpkin Soup Bowls

Pumpkin soup bowls as a serving dish easily add fall flair to your table. While simple to make, pumpkin soup bowls throw a big punch of style to a Thanksgiving table setting. This can truly make your table stand out and contribute to the memories we make during the holidays. Whether making pumpkin soup bowls or using whole […]