About Us

Hi! I’m Joanne and we’re so happy that you found our little corner of the blogosphere. Reny and I are two southern gals who started out as neighbors and became great friends. We thrive on finding something new – easy recipes (and a few not so easy but too good not to share), fun projects, entertaining ideas, trending topics, holiday tips, organizing plans, and much, much more. And we love to share what we find and what we create.

A little about me.

I’m a marketing executive with a background in product development and TV production. I love learning new things – whether its learning how to use photoshop or how to turn my slow cooker into a sou vide cooker. From new products at the Housewares Show to new trends from industry newsletters, my inquiring mind wants to know all about it.

Recently, I’ve had some big changes on the home front. My dad came to live with my husband and me. This meant that I needed to be home. But after spending several months at home, I realized I needed some kind of creative outlet to focus on. So I set out to start a blog. And yep, now I’m learning how to blog.

For me, the creative process is so much more fun when I have someone to collaborate with, so I asked Reny, my neighbor-turned-friend, if she wanted to take this journey with me. I think it will be great fun sharing our trials and tribulations with you as we try new recipes, create fun projects, and generally make a mess in my house that hopefully turns into something that is of interest to you as much as it is to us.

A bit about Reny.

Hi there, I’m Reny. New to the blogging world but loving this experience. Joanne and I are unique, to say the least but some how destined to do this together. I have always appreciated looking at the finer things that people share, their talents and ideas, but never dreamed I could put mine out there and share my “expertise” (or what I have learned by just doing).

I own a small cleaning company and in my world, cleaning and organizing for someone is more than just a job. I really do enjoy the satisfaction of a job when it is complete. Cleaning, for me, can be therapy. It may sound strange, but I really enjoy it. Along the way, I have learned the art of packing and unpacking for a big move or just a seasonal change. The motto of my business has always been, “No job too big or too small”. So that has left me wide open. People call with things they need done like painting or putting up baseboards or even chair rails, minor repairs or even a full house painting, so of course I say, sure, I can do that!? Thank God for Google, right?

Partnering with Joanne, has brought on more changes for me. In the kitchen, really?  “What would happen if …” is the new motto! Sometimes, her dad is the victim, but he is always willing to try the newest recipe. And my kids are always willing to try the sweets.

I love being creative, across the board, but when Joanne and I do it together, its a lot of laughs, spills, fails, oops, and do-overs, but I wouldn’t change a thing! Because when we finally get it right, we get to share it with you!